ANZO is developed to serve businesses with large number of paper based documents.These businesses require different softwares to develop documents, and at the same time they need to maintain original or pdf versions of these documents. Businesses requires printed copies of the documents to keep them handy and if the documents are meant to change frequently, then the maintenance becomes a time consuming job and prone to errors. ANZO allows businesses to increase availability of documents with lesser effort and errors. 

User with administrative rights can build web pages and web forms. Application provides a drag and drop interface to create forms and in-built word processor to create web documents which translates into web pages. Application allows administrators to upload pdfs, scanned documents and images. Application provides a global search engine which searches the keyword through all the pdfs, web pages and web forms and rank all the results. Application maintains the versions of forms and ability to configure forms submission targets as database, email address or both.

ANZO is a full fledged content management system with 3 level nested navigation (category, subcategory and article). In ANZO home page is an individual module which can be edited with adminisrative rights; all the articles which are enlisted under homepage displays as a slide show. Administrator can move a subcategory from one category to another, an article from one category or subcategory to another.

Feature List :

  • 3 level nested navigation: The navigation can be build into 3 nested levels (category, subcategory and article).
  • Form builder: A drag and drop JavaScript library which allow user to create forms as well as HTML web pages.
  • Search Engine: Organizations can have hundreds of thousands of PDFs and ANZO will search them and rank the results.
  • Embed Media: Can embed Hyperlinks, Anchor, Video, Audio and Images on web pages.
  • Configurable forms: Administrator can configure form to send user inputs on certain number of email addresses .
  • Export: The web page and web form can be exported into PDFs.
  • Back tracking of form submissions: Application maintains the versions of forms so that any previous submission could be seen.

Technologies used :

  • CodeIgniter 2
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL
  • HTML 4
  • CSS 2
  • Object Oriented JavaScript
  • JQuery 1.9
  • AJAX with JSON
  • JQuery UI
  • Dreamweaver 5.5
  • Photoshop 5
  • Windows 7
  • Xampp
  • Linux CentOS 6.0
  • Lampp