Woodstock General Hospital has around thousands of document per department but not all of them are available for non-departmental staff members. Maintaining so many privately and publicly available documents per department over the network file system is a cumber some job. Some documents changes more frequently than others which makes maintenance task resouce intensive and prone to error.

Artery was developed to overcome these problems and to allow staff members to maintain documents inter department and intra department, during my second co-op at the Hospital. Artery provides pretty way to make documents available for all and guarantee their up to date versions. Artery ia a centralized repository which stores the information and it is only accessible on Hospital network (intranet).

Artery consists a forum which allow staff to sell goods. It also has a lost and found page where staff can submit information about the object they have lost or found. With Artery I.T. department can put out information related to on-going hospital wide issue. Artery saves paper by allowing department directors and heads to fill online forms instaed of paper-based.

Feature List :

  • Sharing of documents and other media files, inter department as well as intra department.
  • Now I.T. services can create a list of most common questions.
  • Putting out the information of events conducting by any department.
  • Forum to post classified advertisements and to inform about lost and found objects.
  • Search engine for searching web pages and PDFs.
  • Hosting demonstration videos

Technologies used :

  • Confluence 5.5 (by Atlassian)
  • Zen Intranet 5 theme
  • Apache velocity engine
  • MS SQL Server
  • Linux CentOS 6.0
  • Windows 7