Eyeris Helpline

In remote areas of India people are not aware of eyebanks nearby or people passes away at their homes. This scenario causes the unawareness between next of kins and eyebanks. Most of the donations doesn't happens because eyebanks are not aware of deaths so they can convince deceases' family for donation or sometime willing families don't have contact information of the eyebanks to donate the eyes of their deceased relative. 

The main aim of the Eyeris Helpline was decrease the unawareness and opens the doors for more donations; letting the pledges turn into donations. The application accepts the zipcode and search through the database to find contact information of all the neares eyebanks and at the same time sends a notification to the eyebanks consisting phone number and zipcode.

The application architecture includes a GSM modem, 10 sim cards and servers. User will sends his/her zip code in  a text message to a phone number. GSM modem will receive the text message on one of the 10 sim cards and puts it in the queue. Helpline reads the text messages in a queue and searches the eyebanks within 50kms radius wit zipcode coordinates as a center. If application can't find eyebank in first search then searches in twice the initial radius and keeps on multiplying the radius until an eyebank's found, and at the same time logs the process in database.

The basic implementation of the application was already there and I worked on it's improvments such as:

  • Searching eyebanks at the database level with sql queries.
  • Database redesign and tweaking code to make it effecient and performant.
  • Created two new
    • Monitoring module: Inorder to track the message waiting time in queue, message processing time, mapping of reply and search radius etc.
    • Analytics module: This module provides the information related to messages received on any given day or in any given time period, When and why system failed to reply with a valid response and which geographical area is heavy user of the application.

Feature List :

  • The received text message don't have to in correct format, system is intelligent enough to gather meaningful information from the message and reply accordingly.
  • If the necessary information is supplied then system guarantees valid response.
  • System gathers information related to every received messages' content, processing and response.
  • System's focuses on providing quick and correct responses. 

Technologies used :

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Dreamweaver 5
  • Google Chart API
  • CodeIgniter
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • CSS 2
  • HTML 4