We all have hundreds of friends on social networking sites and in real life but it is a rare occasion when any of our friend is interested in doing what we want to do, but someome out there, stranger to us may be in the same situation; now the question arises how to find a stranger who's also interested in doing same activity. HollerYo! is all about answering this question. 

HollerYo! is a Social Networking application to effectively find anonymous real time activity partners within a pre-determined area. The motive behind HollerYo is to help users to create new real world social connections with others of similar interest and pursue any activity together.

To find a real time activity partner, a member "hollers" (posts) a brief description of the activity (s)he is planning to do. The member also specifies the type of the activity by choosing relevant categories. The application looks at the location of the member and tries to find members with similar interests within that location. Once the application find matches, send notifications to them. The members who gets the notification can contact the member and start a conversation.

Feature List :

  • Search users within specified distance on the basis of interests.
  • Facebook integration (for Login and Massenger API).
  • Hollering activities and commenting on them.
  • Only the basic information get shared between users; which is already publicized on Facebook.
  • Mutual consent requires to initiate private messaging in order to reduce scams.

Technologies used :

  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse 4.3
  • Android Studio
  • Windows 7
  • parse.com (For Backend and notification services)