WGH website

Every organization requires it's website for branding and internet presence. Website allows organization to share news and new trends. Woodstock General Hospital always had a website which was bit diificult for non-technical to maintain.

During my second co-op at Woodstock General Hospital I redesigned the website with new technology i.e. Confluence wiki(by Atlassian) which makes maintenace eaiser for non-technical staff.

Besides redesigning I've created two custom plugins which allows hospital customers to pay invoices and to make donations online.

Feature List :

  • Hospital can receive donation through website.
  • Hospital customers can pay invoices online.
  • It's a place to showcase Hospital Newletters which publishes every quarter.
  • Presents news and latest trends.
  • Communicates contact information, voluntary and job vacancies.
  • Website can accomodate public and private document, but private documents will only be available for intended staff members.
  • No technical staff require to maintain website.

Technologies used :

  • Confluence 5.5 (by Atlassian)
  • Zen Intranet 5 theme
  • Java
  • HTML 4
  • Apache velocity engine
  • JQuery 1.9
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • MS SQL Server
  • Eclipse 4.3
  • Linux CentOS 6.0
  • Windows 7